Meeting Denmark

The way you as a new foreign employee is welcomed and introduced to your new company and new country of residence is crucial to how well you will perform and adjust.

Being highly specialized and educated workforce a foreign employee very often have experiences from living as an expat and working in other countries. In KURAGO we strongly acknowledge and recognize these experiences and draw the attention towards the competences already acquired by the new employee in order to build bridge to the new life in Denmark and make it a beneficial relationship.

The consultants of KURAGO has more than 15 years of experience working with foreigners in Denmark and acknowledges that not only the well being of the person employed is of importance for the successfulness of the new life in Denmark, but also the situation of his or her spouse and family should be taken in to consideration. In that sense, the cultural awareness workshops by KURAGO are offered to both employee and spouse.

We offer a 2-days workshop:

1st day: Introduction to Danish society through political history, art, literature and the educational system. We come across typical aspects in the perception of contemporary Denmark – seen from the Danes’ point of view and seen from the eyes of foreigners. And finally, we work with your expectations and the facing challenges in the role as a newcomer into Denmark, e.g. Danish workplace culture, leisure time, schooling and day care.

2nd day: We meet again after approx. 3 weeks to discuss the here-and-now challenges of being an expat in every day life in Denmark and to have a closer look at workplace culture. You will be offered a panel of Danish inhabitants experienced within the areas of working in international companies, being a settled expat in Denmark as well as experienced in coping with the globalized family – seen from both a practical and theoretical point of view.

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DKK 5700,- + VAT including Danish lunch and sandwiches, materials and 2 consultants.

Restaurant Sankt Annæ, Sankt Annæ Plads 12, 1st. floor, 1250 Kbh. K.